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The History of our Church in Milan


1903-1949: the growth

In 1903, Domenico Scalera became Pastor. He had the gift of a great oratory ability which he immediately put to profit so that soon the place in Via del Pesce became too small for the numerous sympathizers who crowded it during the sermons and conferences.

The community therefore moved to a place in Via Bossi 6 and, after this also became too small, to Via Giulini 1. Thus began the problem which worried the Baptist community for half of the last century, id est, finding a place of worship.

In 1906, Pastor Giovanni Ambrosini arrived and under his direction a church registrar was finally instituted and a youth association called “Activity and Vigilance” was established with the scope of propagating the study of the Gospel among young people.

In 1914, Roberto Teubel became Pastor of the church: he was born in Bohemia in 1873 and was a citizen of the Austrian-Hungaric empire. After only 7 months the first world war broke out and as Teubel was a citizen of the enemy country, he was confined to Sardinia where he remained until 1918. In this period the church was guided by a member, Angelo Messa, and the elders. Back from his forced exile Teubel began his activity again with renewed energy, reorganizing the Sunday School and the youth group. New baptisms increased the number of members to 70 and a new Baptist church was opened in Varese. Unfortunately in 1931 at the age of 58 Pastor Teubel suddenly died of a cerebral haemorrhage. The loss was particularly serious for the congregation of Milan.

pastore ScrajberPastor Scrajber was sent to Milan to help the church. However, the temporary assignment continued until 1949, when due to his age he had to leave. Under his guidance the community grew to 132 official members and the same number of sympathizers, notwithstanding the economic straits, the clerical-fascist opposition and the dangers of the war. These people lived in different parts of the city and outer districts, therefore it was difficult keeping in contact with them. So many of them could attend only the service on Sundays. During Scrajber's ministry a new church was opened in Lombardy in Caravate.