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Sunday School

The Sunday School is a service offered to the community by a group of people (Sunday School teachers) who, on Sunday morning, while the adults are at the service, carry out activities with the little children and young girls and boys in the adjoining rooms of the church.
The children are divided according to their age and guided in the study of the Bible and helped with material prepared by S.I.E.(Service of Instruction and Education of FCEI – Federation of the Italian Evangelical Churches) or other adequate material.
The teachers try to stimulate the children to pray spontaneously and sing with the aid of CD's and the piano.
For the younger children there are brief animations and manual activities. Every now and then, the children take part in the service, per es., at the opening and closure of the Sunday School (September and June) and at Christmas time. Every Sunday they assist at the beginning of the service before going to the adjoining rooms for their activities.
Every year, they meet with children of other Protestant churches in Milan, where games, afternoon tea and activities together are organized.
In this way, the children are helped “to grow in the faith” and to feel they are part of the community, constructing step by step their relationship with the Lord.


Please join us every Sunday at 10:30 on the first floor in the adjoining rooms