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Bible Study

bibbieStudying the Bible is fundamental for every believer.  If we take the principle "only Scriptures" of Martin Luther seriously, we cannot neglect a  serious and attentive study of the Bible.  Therefore, our church offers various possibilities to study the Bible and deepen the knowledge of it.  There is a group which meets every Thursday at 6 pm for Bible study in the adjoining rooms of the church in Via Pinamonte da Vimercate.  This study lasts about one hour and the theme proposed is studied during a series of consecutive meetings. The texts of these studies are then published on the site in the section "Bible Studies".   Other Bible studies are held in different locations. Some women of the community hold Bible study in their homes for those who live nearby. These meetings are more intimate as they are held in the home of a church member and the Pastor of the church guides the meeting which concludes in a friendly and informal atmosphere.  At the moment there are two of these groups: one in Sesto San Giovanni and another in Cassina de' Pecchi.