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The History of the Baptists in Italy


After the war

The reconstruction after the war followed two fundamental directions with the return of the missionaries. On one hand, a policy of economic assistance with aids and economic help and distribution of food and clothing. This aspect in some places, above all in Southern Italy, resulted in many adhesions which were reduced when the help finished. On the other hand, more important, numerous evangelical initiatives were undertaken which, in a short time, doubled the number of Baptists. The Baptist Theological School was reopened in Rivoli (Turin) in 1949. There, a new generation of Baptist pastors was formed. The churches were structured and reorganized. Work in the Sunday Schools received an impulse and the Youth organization and that of the Baptist women bloomed.

The first missionaries did not limit their work to opening churches. Together with the local churches they took care of the physical and cultural well-being of people and founded orphanages, hospitals, old people's homes, recreation and cultural circles, schools and others.