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The History of our Church in Milan


Until today

The community continued to flourish under his guidance. The youth group was numerous (about 35 people); it was directed by Vittorio Canfori who was dedicated not only to the study of the Bible but also to the recreative activities. There was a lively choir directed by Mr Minervini. Pastor Inguanti was in charge of the church in Lodi and with some immigrants from Southern Italy he formed the first nucleus of that which would become the community in Casorate.


In 1980 Pastor Giuseppe Morlachetti substituted Pastor Inguanti. His ministry was characterized by the intent to render the community more autonomous with respect to the pastoral figure,open to other churches of the reformed type, more sensitive to the cultural needs of the time and available to the federate and ecumenic work in general.

In 1990 Pastor Spanu arrived and new construction works on the building enriched it with places for the church's activities. Pastor Spanu gave a strong impulse to the ecumenic work, so much so that the church joined the Protestant Cultural Centre of Milan and was one of the founders of the Council of Christian Churches of Milan.